Hiking in Pimonte

Discover the paths of the Lattari mounts that link beaches and typical villages of the Sorrento and the Amalfi coast.

Chiesa di Pino

Zappino Path – CAI 332c

Enjoy a long hiking walk and reach some of the most important folkloric, natural, landscape, and religious places. The Lavatoio valley, Church of Pino, the oak and chestnut trees wood.

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Valle Lavatoio Path – CAI 332b

The hiking walk lets you reach the most amazing natural, artistic, and industrial archaeological places: the Lavatoio valley, the Gragnano Castle district, the Valle dei Mulini.

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Tese di Pimonte Path - CAI 334

It is an average difficult hiking walk towards a series of some of the most important natural, landscape, and religious places: the Monte Faito Gateway and Sanctuary of S. Michele Archangel.

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The walk allows you to enjoy the Gulf of Naples’ landscape. At the same time, you can discover the Pimonte castle’s ruins through a belvedere placed in the inner part of the mount, already the monitoring center of the Republic of Amalfi’s defensive system.

Pimonte trekking holiday

Guided Hiking

Book your guided walk on our paths. Thanks to our guides, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of our land.