The Monte Pendolo path (Monte Croce)

The route is like a walk starting and finishing at the Info point of Pimonte. You will walk both on the paved road and a natural path (not a CAI one) to reach a very beautiful and evocative spot.

The path from Pimonte to the Monte Pendolo cross has different features:

  • A short climb: the climbing and descending total is 300 m.
  • A short planimetric distance: the distance from the starting and the ending point (Municipality of Pimonte’s Info point) is 2,500 meters.
  • No signage: there is no signage system indicating location, journey time, and path number.

First level path: Touristic (usually displayed with a “T”). The route is not very challenging and doesn’t require any special training.

We suggest you bring a filled canteen and a pocket rain jacket. On the top of the mountain, there are no water sources, nor points of cover, like in the rest of the route.