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Only 20 km from the Amalfi and the Sorrento coast, in the heart of one of the most beautiful Italian coasts.

A wide choice of over 16 paths suitable for every hiking level from the Amalfi and the Sorrento coast.

Only 15 km away from the archaeological sites of Pompei and Ercolano. Just about 20-minute drive from Naples.

Pimonte guides you to discover the amazing flavors of the land, with its typical and traditional products.

Pimonte Tourist Services

Accommodations, food and wine, a magical place between the Sorrento and the Amalfi coasts.

What to See in Pimonte

Hiking e Trekking Escursioni Pimonte Porta dei Monti lattari Sorrento Coast Amalfi Coast Napoli Italy

Guided Hiking

Book your walk in our paths with our tour guides that will make you discover the beauties of our land.

Pimonte events

scudo a teia Pimonte porta dei monti lattari

Lo scudo di Teia

“Lo scudo di Teia” è una rappresentazione teatrale ispirata ai testi di Procopio da Cesarea riguardanti la “Battaglia dei Monti Lattari”

How to reach Pimonte

Pimonte is easy to reach. It is very close to the beauties of the Amalfi and the Sorrento coasts and it represents an ideal solution for those who want to discover the charm of the Sorrento peninsula.